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SIM has replacement Bur Guards for the Zimmer Hall, and 3m Drill Systems

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SIM Bur Guard advantages
1.Anodized Bur Guard body for increased durability.
2.Contrasting black anodized body/silver shaft increase visibility and decrease chances of misplacing bur guard.
3.Bur Guard shaft is constructed of stainless steel for greater strength over competitors` aluminum alloy.
4.Bur Guard shaft contains two bearings(competitor's only having one bearing)to provide greater support and smoother rotation of burs. Also increases lifespan of bur guard two-three times.
5.X-long and XXX-long bur guards available for use in restricted access procedures.
6.Combination of the above micro-drills and SIM bur guards increases the surgeons control of the bur through the variable speed of the drill and the added lateral support of the bur guard.
7.Along with providing the highest quality,SIM bur guards also offer a substantial cost savings over competitors bur guards.

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